So, What Is This?

This is pretty much my creative outlet. For the past 5 years, I have been independently studying makeup artistry and have wanted to start blogging for a while. Eventually, I will branch off into Fashion as I start my journey into finding my style.

Why is This Different?

Besides me trying to be funny, I do not like to have too much negativity (I’m all for constructive criticism, but negativity is a waste of energy in my eyes). I want to hone in on how cosmetics and fashion make us feel and emphasize the empowerment of that rather than perpetuate the stereotype of the “mask”.

Why Should I Stick Around?

Honest reviews and perspectives. I have been coined the “Beauty Guru” of my friends and have a knack for breaking down makeup theory into easily digestible phrases. Although I am not a professional or certified (yet), I have gained quite a lot of knowledge and continue to learn every day. These are the things I want to share on this blog. Also, I enjoy puns so if that isn’t enough I don’t know what is.