Hype Heaven or Hell: Kylie Cosmetics x KKW Créme Liquid Lipsticks

So, lets talk about this set. This is Kylie’s second collaboration and she’s done it with nude queen and icon, Kim Kardashian West. This set features an entirely new formula the Créme lipstick and according to the Kylie Cosmetic’s Website:”Sheer to Medium coverage than can be built to your desired effect”. Now, this set was actually very easy for me to get my hands on, unlike the Koko collection which I waited until many later restocks when she did bundles with here eyeshadow palettes. I got it the day after it launched on it’s first stocking. It is not currently available on Kylie’s website, but they have hinted at another collaboration coming soon.


In the set you get 4 different nude shades: Kimberly, Kim, Kiki, Kimmie. Lets get real, this shit is light ass nude. As a pale girl, I can’t go too light with my nudes or else I will look dead. I find I can wear them, but they end up looking more pastel on me then nude.

Another thing to note is that they are all very warm toned, so even though Kimmie is the closest to my natural lip shade, its is much warmer. This is somewhat seasonal as the peaches, corals, and such are coming into the summer season, but if you do not like warm nudes I would skip.

I also, along with every person who has reviewed this product, would not recommend it for medium to dark skin tones, as well as extremely pale if you are not into the warm nudes. The reason I am going to stress this is the three lightest shades will have that white cast against darker skin tones, which unless you put in a lit of effort trying to find lip liners to make work would not look good. Kimmie could work, but you can’t do individuals (yet, she did release to Koko collection later as individuals so you never know).

Yet, if you see appeal to these colors go for it! Kim is the queen of nudes and she picked a very cohesive range of colors that look good beside each other and photograph very aesthetically. It’s also nice to see lighter nudes from Kylie as her nudes shades tend to lean darker or pinker than I usually gravitate to.

Rating: 6/10

  • won’t work with  all skin tones
  • Cohesive in color selection



They do not set so they do not do well with wear. This formula is not made to be long wearing. It feel light and moisturizing and has a creme finish (duh). Since there is no claim of long wear I can’t complain. It transfers onto anything your lips touch though, so watch out that.

The claim that it is sheer to medium coverage, which is true. However, Kim is a little streaky for my liking (as many of the creamsicle type nude shades are). But, the build ability saves this formula as if you layer it, then all is good. I would say that Kimmie and Kimberly have the most coverage out of the 4, and the others are more on the sheer side of medium.

Also I don’t notice a smell with these at all. So if you are not a fan of this scent then you will love it.

Rating: 8/10

  • transfers
  • no smell
  • stays true to claims


The packaging is her classic drop bottles featuring matte pale milky pink and frosted glass. You can definitely see this packaging is made to photograph (much like Kim’s makeup). I personally love the packaging and the frosted glass makes Kylie’s product feel more luxurious, again aligning with the KKW brand. So aesthetically I would give it 10/10.

BUT, although I love the shape of the wand, I agree with name other reviewers that have had issues with the distribution of product on the want. I find the majority of the product goes on the tip and back of the wand. The pro of this is it gives you control to build the product, and if this was the intention of the design then it works well. But it’s just fairly uncomfortable to the user to do this. Personally I’m not bothered because it still works, but fair warning.

Rating: 8.5/10

  • aesthetic af and feels luxurious
  • wand holds product weird, but it’s not inconvenient


Final Thoughts: ” Kimmie Kimmie more”

I do like them, honestly. If you like the somewhat shiny warm nude look this is for you. I feel like with the summer season and a tan these would look very good, but keep in mind the cons that I said above.


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