The More You Know: Hourglass Customizable Ambient Palette

On the Hourglass website, there is an option that not may people in the beauty community talk about. The only permanent Ambient palette sold is the Sephora Exclusive, but what Hourglass offers on their website is a custom palette.
The packaging is the same as the Sephora exclusive, yet you can only choose from the permanent Ambient Powders.  This gives you the ability to have all of your favourite ambient powders in one palette for travel.
You are not able to add in the bronzers or blushers, but this could be a good idea for Hourglass.

Final Thoughts: If you are an avid lover and user of the Ambient powders I would recommend this as it would make traveling with them easier. Also, if you are someone who has been want to try a few of the powders but hasn’t want to commit because of the price, this would be a good way to go.
At $70 this is available exclusively on the Hourglass website.



Image screenshotted from Hourglass’s Website, no copyright intended.

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