The Forgotten Files: MAC x Wonder Woman Palette

Back when I was in early middle school, my mom would go to MAC occasionally to restock on her essentials. My first eyeshadow was from MAC and my first eyeshadow palette was from them too.

At the time the Wonder Woman collection was out and I fell in love with this purple palette. My mom bought me it, but I’m pretty sure she did not let me wear that out until I was 14.


With the Wonder Woman trailer being released in August 2016, it got me thinking of this palette. This is what started the makeup love, this is what was around when I lost all sense of self-esteem and needed an artistic outlet desperately.

I look at this palette and see a little blonde headed girl who just wanted to please everyone around her, even if it meant sacrificing of her own happiness. Now I still love making people happy, but I put myself first in a healthy way.

I never wear it but I keep it because it has happy memories. We all have those things, so my question to you is what you forgotten item (makeup or otherwise) that you keep because it makes you smile?


PS: MAC, you should REALLY release a Wonder Woman collection when the movie comes out #justsayin.


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