Sephora x Mara Hoffman Brush Set Review

One of the most talented textile brands collaborated with Sephora for a brush set and collection. When I say these brushes I decided I needed them because they are pretty….. Ok so MAYBE I have a problem.

The set comes with 3 brushes: 3 for the face and two for the eyes. What interesting about these brushes is the handles are made of bamboo and the synthetic bristles have charcoal in them. They are somewhat eco-friendly and vegan. I personally am a huge form of synthetic brushes since I don’t have to worry about them losing their shape, can use them with any product, and know that no animals were hurt in making them.

I really do like the shapes and sizes of the brushes. They are all perfect density for their jobs and the styles of all these brushes are very versatile. For example, I feel like I can use the Cheek brush for contour, bronzer, and blush (even though I am somewhat OCD with multi-purposing face brushes.

The brushes are RICECULOUSLY soft. They are very comfortable to blend with and to a well with color depositing. They also have skinny ferrules so they are to hold (especially those with baby hands like me).

Another detail to the brushes (besides the GORGEOUS print) is the rose gold ferrule and writing. These are cool little touches that I feel make the brush. Granted ferrules are plastic, but they are still cute


The brushes also come in a box with a sleeve with a removable  brush holder section. I chose to take the brush holder section out and store my NYX Lip Lingeries in it. If you like the print, the keepsake box is a nice touch.

Now, do I think this set is worth $80? If you are a collector, yes. This is an unexpected but happy collaboration that is asethetically pleasing. If you think you would actually use the brushes, yes as the shapes are vertitile. For beginners or industry professionals, no. They are pretty but you could get way more brushes from Bdellium, Sigma, or Royal and Langnickel for that money. Also, I’m pretty sure these would not be able to withstand constant washing as the cover of ferrule could come off.

Final Thoughts: “IT’S SO PRETTY”

I love Mara Hoffman’s prints, so if you like them then they are worth it. The shapes are nice and they work well. I just would caution not to use these too much since apart of the allure is the look of the brushes.


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