Viseart Neutral Matte Palette Review + Swatches

After watiching Kevin James Bennet speak at IMATS Vancouver, I went directly to the booth that sold Viseart palettes and bought four (what can I say, I trust him with my makeup integtrity). The neutral matte was what he used in his demo along with the Boheme Dream (post coming soon).


The palette is a neutral dream: all matte and basic colors. You can mix and match colors to custom to whatever you need. There are a varity of shades for any purpose. The majority of the palette is warm, but there are a few taupe and cool brown/grey shades that you can mix if you need a cool color. They do have a cool matte palette, but this was have more of hte basic colors that we all wish every palette had. In terms of all matte looks, this is your one-stop-shop; you have everything you’d ever need in this palette (and the colors to mix what you don’t get).


These shades are a dream to blend. They have high pigment that isn’t patchy and just blend like a dream. The only issue I find with them is that some can be powdery, but its not a HUGE issue. The formulation is pretty much what you would expect from Viseart, a solid A.



Now, a lot of people see the $100 price tag and cringe. This palette is in the usual packaging and has the usual price. What a lot of consumers don’t realize is that this is designed to be a pro product and the reason its so expensive is because of the amount of product you get. In the typical Urban Decay Naked Palette, you get a total 0.6 oz of product (and two matte shades) whereas all the Viseart pallets have 0.84 oz of product, that’s a signifigant difference. Moreover, the company uses organic ingredients which adds to the cost (also cruelty free). So despite the price, this is actually a pretty good deal considering you get way more product than the average palette.

Final Thoughts: “Can’t be matte at you”

The blendability is amazing and it has all the neutral tones you’d need for any look. I don’t have any major complaints and it is consitent with the A quality of other Viseart palettes I’ve tried. If you want a palette that has all of your neutral mattes in one, I would lead you to this as an investment and that you would never need to buy a matte palette again.


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