Makeup Forever Pro-Sculpt 1 Powder Review + Swatches

While at IMATS Vancouver I picked this bad boy up, just to see if it was good as the highlighter intrigued me. I mean $25 for MUFE, what Makeup Junkie is gonna pass that up?


There are two shades: the highlighter and the “sculpt” powder. What I like is the highlighter. I usually lean more towards warm or golden highlighters since I am huge on the glowing goddess look. Th color of this is a silvery-warm shimmer with pink reflection to it. This makes the highlight quite intense so if you are looking for a blinding highlight this may be a good find. Yet, I do have an issue with the bronzer (and no not just because I’m pale #palegirlprobs). The whole point of this duo is to be “sculpting” which implies contouring, the color is extremely warm which does not make a good contour powder. I would recommend this color for medium skin tones or light-medium because of how orange it is.



These last really well on the skin. The highlighter is extremely pigmented, but not so much that it’s difficult to work with. Many people may disagree with me but I do like glowy (not shimmery) bronzers, and this bronzer id one of those. This also takes away from the sculpt factor as contour powders need to be matte.


The packaging is a little trippy for me since it’s pretty much the same as the Pro-Finish powder foundation, just without the lower level. It’s sturdy and well made. My only complaint is that the closure doesn’t have space to put your finger underneath so it takes a second to open.

Final Thoughts: “Is this a contour duo for a really tan vampire?”

The formulation is great, but if you are looking for a contour duo this isn’t for you. If you vibe with the highlighter it’s definitely worth the money but I would just watch how orange the bronzer is. Also, not for the matte bronzer lover.



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