Viseart Paris Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

Viseart shadow palettes are some of the most coveted pro products. Now being sold at Sephora for CAD $100 a pop, they are quite the investment.


There are 12 shades in each palette. The shades in this are neutral or muted tones varying from gold to denim blue. When I say the colors my neutral-tone-self died, I have been wanting this palette for over a year (luckily was able to grab at IMATS for a discount). The finishes vary from satin to shimmer. These are not all color I think when I see nude, but it is a unique range of colors. That being said, there are no mattes so this is not made to be a one-and-done look palette, ya feel?



The shadows are pigmented and long lasting. That being said, the last shade on row one is a little finicky. The color payoff is not great and the glitter in it falls like a MF. Using a cream shadow underneath this shade (like a NYX jumbo pencil) will solve both the pigmentation and fallout issues. Besides that all the other shades are beautiful.


The packaging is sturdy and has a clear top. I like this since I can see what color are in the palette without opening and decide if I want to use it. The palette is the size of my hand and would be great for traveling.

Final Thoughts: “Neutral Shimmer Heaven”

There are unique color options and I would recommend it to the pro or for the neutral shimmer obsessed. This palette is more geared towards lid colors in my opinion so if you are looking for a do it all palette this isn’t for you. That being said, I reach for it every time a do a neutral shimmer look so I guess that says something.

9/10 recommend.



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