NYX Lip Lingerie: Swatches + Review on all 12 shades

Yes, I’ve done what every beauty blogger aesthetically wants to achieve. I got all twelve of the NYX Lip Lingeries in one photo. Ever since these products went viral, I have been dying to pick them up to kind of just look at. I wasn’t expecting to be able to wear moe than two since I am 1) pale as a vampire and 2) Have red lips that make most nudes have an orange line for lip liner.


The colors in the range are actually pretty good. I was surprised at how many I could wear or that I feel with the right look I could pull off. Even the palest ones. I also feel that NYX did a good job at trying to make universal nudes: they have colors like 12 that on me look dramatic, but on darker skin tones would be neutral.

01 Honeymoon, 02 Embellishment, 03 Lace Detail,04 Ruffle Trim, 05 Beauty Mark, 06 Push Up, 07 Satin Ribbon
08 Bedtime Flirt, 09 Corset, 10 Teddy, 11 Baby Doll, 12 Exotic

In terms of formulation, these are very weird. They dry down and are bullet proof (very hard to remove FYI), but they have a sticky texture. If you are someone that presses their lips together a lot, then you will notice that there is a stickiness to them. They do not transfer after a minute, but they are still sticky. If you do not press your lips together before the lipstick dries the stickiness is reduced significantly, but it’s still there slightly. I also find these a little more drying than the Anastasia Beverly Hills ones. The more product you put on your lips the tighter the product feels on them. That being said, they are really long lasting and are a bitch to take off so they’ll stick around (I mean I do have a warning about puns guys).

The packaging is nice, it’s what I imagine the Kylie Jenner liquid lips to feel like. The applicator is a skinny flat doe foot applicator. A lot of product gets on both side of the applicator so I would recommend wiping it off so you have more control.

Final Thoughts: “Aesthetics AF, Tricky AF”

If you are able to look past the slight stickiness these are good products for the price point. I would recommend the Anastasia ones over these in terms of formula but if you see a color you are dying to have, for under $10 they are worth it.

6.5/10 recommend.

UPDATE (Aug. 6th,2016): If you use a very thin layer, there is no stickiness. This is easier to get away with when you use the lighter colors, but that’s how you solve that issue!


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