Products that Need to Be Risen From the Dead: Smashbox “Love Me” Palettes


So you know how beauty companies will release a bomb product, like 10/10 amazing, and then you realize a few months later it is limited edition? Well with this series, I will be discussing some of my personal favorite products that need to be brought back in some form because they are amazing.

Smashbox Love Me Eyeshadow Palettes in Admire Me and Adore Me.

Risen From the Dead

Back in 2013, Smashbox released a collection that was collaboration with Curtis Kulig (if you don’t know who he is just Google Love Me painting). In this collection there were two Eyeshadow palettes released: Admire Me and Adore Me.

Admire Me has been my one of my go-to products. The palette is full of warm neutrals featuring a light gold shimmer, peachy-gold shimmer, warm mid-tone brown matte, bronze shimmer, and dark brown with deep bronze glitter shades. All of the shadows are pigmented and extremely blend-able. The gold shade is my trusted lid or inner corner highlight color. I always have this on hand because it is just so easy to use and the colors are right up my alley.



Adore Me is the cool tone, fun palette of the two. Honestly, I have not gotten into cool tone eyes until recently so I have not been reaching for this on a regular basis. The five colors include a pale pink shimmer,taupe shimmer, minty blue shimmer, purple grey shimmer, and dark navy blue shimmer.


Final Thoughts: “Must have, please come back!”

10/10 recommend. I have still seen these floating around Cosmetic Company Outlets so I would check your local location for them!


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