MAKEUP FOREVER Artist Rouge Lipstick Review + Swatches: C105, C211, C603


The three colors I picked up are C105 (Pink Beige), C211 (Rose Wood), and C603 (Midnight Blue- according to Sephora this is a Limited Edition shade). According to the Sephora Website, they are “An innovative, bold lipstick that provides long-wearing, show-stopping color and endless creamy comfort.”


The packaging is sturdy. The lightweight metal case is cold to the touch and features a silver detail inside the lipstick embossed with the Makeup Forever name. The top of the cap also features the company’s logo of lips holding a lip brush. It’s very different from the past lipstick packaging but an edgier, welcomed change.

Formulation-wise all of these lipsticks are the Cream formula, so I’m not able to speak for the matte formulation. These are not the most moisturizing lipsticks in the world, but they do not feel dry on my lips at all nor do they feel like they are turning my lips into a chapped desert. There is also a normal lipstick scent, somewhat like sunscreen (subtly). It not noticeable on the lips at all, but this isn’t a dessert flavored lipstick if you catch my drift.

These will stay on your lips for a decent amount of time. Are they Anastasia Liquid Lipstick bulletproof wear time, no. But considering it is a classic lipstick formula they stay on for a good amount of time.

What I find most interesting about these lipsticks is how unique each color is. When I got home and looked at C105 I thought to myself “Oh God, you bought another MAC Angel”. But, when I swatched it next to Angel, it was actually fairly different. I had the same feeling with C211 to MAC Plumful but it is also different. Seeing this not only made me proud of myself for not buying the same shade again (as I’ve done one too many times), but also makes me want to buy more shades.


This line has some unique shades and is worth at least a swatch.

10/10 recommend.


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